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Responding To The Times, Shifting Gears - The Need For Mobile Fleet Maintenance

This eBook will walk you through the growing need for mobile fleet maintenance, and Amerit's solution.

What's inside:

  • Fleets Transition to Last-Mile Delivery 
  • The Growing Need for Mobile Maintenance
  • The Amerit Mobile Maintenance Program 

About Amerit Fleet Solutions

We are a nationwide team of expert fleet maintenance professionals dedicated to the relentless pursuit of uptime.

We have built our reputation of being the country’s most dependable, trustworthy and hard-working partner through our singular focus on doing one thing, and doing it better than anyone else- Fleet Maintenance and Repair Services.

With over 120,000 assets under contract and more than 1,800 highly skilled technicians and managers across the US, Amerit is the go-to provider for the largest, most complex and demanding fleets across the country, providing improved uptime, reliability and peace-of-mind.

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