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What Is EV Advisor Group?

The intention of EV Advisor Group is to bring together professionals from fleet operations, OEMs, consultants, FMCs, regulatory experts and other industry experts to provide guidance that accelerates the adoption of electric vehicles into America's fleets. 

We're empowering fleets, enabling them to meet their state regulations as well as their own ESG and GHG reduction goals for a better, brighter tomorrow.

ev anywhere

Coming Together For Conversations.

About Amerit's EV Fleet Services


EV Ready is our technician training program. It's designed to be a proactive, digital, and hands-on training program to develop OEM Certified Technicians. We're ready to support your EV Fleet through ongoing maintenance efforts and support. Our partnerships with OEMs make us an ideal partner to support your EV efforts.



Join round tables, access case studies, and join in-person events to get answers from fleet leaders and OEMs on fleet electrification. and EV Fleets. We've assembled a team of EV Experts, Electric Fleet Consultants, and EV Maintenance Partners to guide you through your fleet's unique electrification journey.



We created our EV anywhere program to support a nationwide electric fleet maintenance and repair program.  Whether you need assistance with electric vehicles or charging infrastructure, we can support you anywhere in the country.

EVolution MSC

The next generation in fleet maintenance. An electric vehicle capable of supporting 90% of repairs for electric fleet vehicles and ICE fleets. These MSCs are rescue ready - built to rescue any downed EV by providing 5-10 miles of charge on the spot.